The Beauty Break

I took a day off yesterday (it’s nice to be the boss!) to check out Bare Escentuals’ new boutique at The Mall at Wellington Green. So today I come to the office with a new look (well, new colors at least).

When I think of Bare Escentuals, and their CEO Leslie Blodgett, mineral make-up is not the first thing that comes to my mind.  Rather than think of the pretty colors in all their sparkling glory, I tend to think of the success of the company and how Leslie is responsible for that success. And I wonder, how do I attain that for my company?

Granted, Lotus software is not naturally pretty, so women are not attracted to the yellow & black in the same way that we are attracted to the rainbow displays in the boutiques.

As with most things, change is gradual. You start with the foundations, then move on to other things. With BE I began with the foundation, the face colors and the Mineral Veil. Then I moved onto the eyeshadows and all the other lovely stuff. As I began using more Bare Escentuals, I started throwing out my old make-up. It was hard at first, you get used to certain things, but as time went by it was really easy to just chuck it.

It’s not really any different when you’re talking about a change in software applications. How many people now use Mozilla Firefox instead of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? I’m guessing that most people heard about Firefox and downloaded it because it was free, tried it and liked it. The next day they forgot about it, so used IE again, as was routine. But then IE crashed. And after some cursing and swearing the person remembered downloading Firefox and figured they’d give it a try again. Within a day or two, Firefox is the only browser they are using.

If your company is already using Lotus products, maybe you’re using Lotus Domino Document Manager. IBM is phasing out this software in favor of the newer Quickr. Now I’m no expert, but Quickr looks cool. On the user end it is simple to use, looks like a directory on your PC, and makes files accessible to those who need to access them.

Vanessa Brooks, Inc. is an approved IBM Business partner handling the migration from Domino.Doc (as it is affectionately known) to Quickr.

If your company is not already using Lotus products, perhaps now is the time to start? Just like switching from regular make up to mineral make up, you don’t have to do it all at once. Take the gradual approach. And contact Vanessa Brooks Inc. Ask us how we can make your change as smooth as the face wearing Bare Escentuals.


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