It’s a quiet day at the office

So I’m writing in hot pink, because it’s a quiet day, I have no motivation, and I’m basically sitting in my office waiting for 12:30ish to arrive so I can leave to pick up my daughter from preschool. Doesn’t everyone have days like this?

Ok, hot pink is a bit hard on the eyes, how is dark purple?

I took the week off last week, as my parents came on a lightening visit from Ireland, so I figured I would spend time with them. They came for less than 6 full days. We had a lovely time, and it is wonderful to see that the kids now understand that their grandparents live far away, and get excited when they visit, and actually miss them when they leave. It’s nice to hear that sentiment expressed verbally from little kids.

I enjoyed having some free time truthfully. It was relaxing to drop the kids at school and not have to race into the office to get a few hours of work done before rushing back to pick the youngest one up again. Laundry got done at regular intervals, instead of piling up, because I was actually at home on and off during the morning, with time to move loads around from the washer to the dryer to the basket.

Having said all that, I am glad to be back at work. Even with little to do this morning. What on earth would I do all day every day if I wasn’t in the office while the little one was at school? I am not a mall-aholic.  I enjoy shopping only when there is something I want to purchase, or if I am shopping with a friend for that friend. I don’t enjoy Starbucks coffee enough to meet a friend for coffee every morning either. So I’m really not sure how I would fill my time on a daily basis.

I like having a plan for the day. I like to know where I will be at a given time. Knowing that I will be at the office from about 9:30 until 12:30 every morning, Monday through Thursday makes my life predictable, and I like predictability.

Now I just have to find that motivation to write more than my blog. I need to come up with some more marketing texts and landing pages for our current advertising campaigns.

In about an hour I will leave the office once again to pick up my two year old from school, and then my other job picks up where I left it this morning – Mommy.

And I love it. I like both sides of the coin. Working keeps me sane, keeps my mind on things other than diapers, homework, laundry & cooking. And the kids mean that when I leave the office I leave work behind me.

Life is good!


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