It’s Bon Jovi movie night!

So on top of being Mom of the year and CEO of the century, I am a long, long time Bon Jovi fan. Like since before I can remember much else. I’ve been a fan since Bon Jovi was first played on the radio back in Ireland, where I grew up, so like, 25 years or so.

I saw them in concert here in Florida back in April, and my goodness, these guys are still so awesome. Their music only gets better with time, the songs, old or new, are all as fantastic as they were the first time I heard them. Fabulous night.

Tonight there is a “one night only”, Bon Jovi Movie event. A 2 hour movie of one of their New Meadowlands Stadium concerts from The Circle Tour. I’m going with a few friends, and from what I understand, the experience will be pretty darn amazing.

So, here I sit at the office, trying to come up with some new marketing ideas for Lotus Live etc. but really, I’m just counting down the hours until 7:30pm when I get to go crazy and sing at the top of my lungs to the best music in the world. And act like a teenage girl again.



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