New year, new goals

How many blog posts like that have there already been this week?

I don’t make resolutions for the new year. Why bother? They’ll probably not last longer than a few weeks anyway. Like when I started taking B vitamins and vitamins to help my hair & nails grow. Did they work? Absolutely! My hair seemed to fall out less, my nails grew and were stronger. Did I keep taking them? For a month, long enough to buy a second bottle. And that’s where it all started falling apart. The second bottle is still sitting on my kitchen counter, opened, started, but far from finished, and do I ever actually take the vitamins? I think about it, but it never happens. If it was a doctor prescribed antibiotic I’d taken them religiously until they were all used up. But a self-prescribed vitamin? Just doesn’t work that way.

Resolutions are the same. If it’s something I tell myself I need to do I will go along with it for a short while and then just give up.

Last year my resolution was to get back in shape. Something I had never really taken seriously before. I’m blessed with my mother’s slight build, so I look skinny, but we all know that has nothing to do with being fit. So last January I started working out regularly. I purchased EA SPorts Active for Wii. I really liked this “game” because it doesn’t require the Wii Fit balance board, and it has a 30 day challenge which motivated me to continue my workout on a regular basis. I completed the 30 day challenge within the 30 days, and I noticed an vast improvement in my stamina, my ability to chase my kids, lift grocery bags etc. I found muscles I didn’t know that I had. Unfortunately, the exercises become rather repetitive after a while, and I got bored. I then purchased the Wii Fit Plus and began using that instead of, and in addition to the EA Sports Active game.

The Wii Fit Plus is more of a game, and less of a workout I found, but if I wanted to make it more of a workout I could do a long run and then cool down with some yoga. The step class is a pretty good one too.

A couple more months down the road I got tired of that too. The benefits of working out in my home are great, but the downside to using the Wii is the necessity of space in my living room, which adds a good 5-10 minutes before I start, just clearing up the kids’ toys, moving the couch back, rolling the rug out of the way, etc. During the summer months, I told myself I would swim in our pool for exercise. And I did. A few times. The other times I was in the pool with the kids, which meant supervising them rather than swimming, so although I spent a fair amount of time in the water, I was doing nothing but lazing around. I still used the Wii a bit, but my workouts were down from 4 or 5 times a week to maybe twice a week.

Then school started again, I went back to work again, the Jewish holidays came up again. And working out just wasn’t a priority anymore. For a little while I tried walking and running early in the morning, right after taking the kids to school, but that didn’t last long simply because it meant not getting to the office until 10am, which is kind of late when you don’t work full time.

And now I’m back to square one. I am not working out currently. Obviously, now I have all the paraphernalia that  require, and EA just came out with EA Sports Active 2 for Wii which sounds awesome, but I’m not willing to put down another $60 for something that I won’t use for longer than a few months.

How do I motivate myself to workout on a regular basis? I do not have the extra cash to join a gym, nor is that something that I enjoy – when I did belong to a gym, many years ago, I worked out for a few months, and subsequently would spent a lot of time in the pool (not swimming), sauna & steam room… so this seems to be a pattern for me. Now that I’m getting a little older, and 40 is approaching (not this year, but one year kind of soon), I realize that I need to work harder to maintain not only my figure, but my health.

I find that I have so little time to do anything, and the time that I do have is at night, when I’m just not up to working out. How do I change that? How do I find the energy to work out when I’m tired? How do I guarantee that I stay motivated for more than a few weeks? Or even a few months? In my mind I understand the importance of keeping fit and staying healthy, but in my reality it is not something that I seem able to do.


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