I could get used to this

Blogging that is.

I saw today that Florida is the only one of the 50 states that has no snow right now. Wow. Pretty amazing. Even Hawaii has 7 inches of snow on top of a volcano. There goes Keith’s theory that if I want to move someplace warmer, Hawaii is a good choice. Guess I’ll stay in Florida TYVM!

I was reading about all the flooding in Queensland, Australia, and all these crazy weather phenomena that we are seeing right now. It makes me wonder what on earth is going on.  Pun intended. The Mayans predicted that the world will end in 2012, we’re getting close to that deadline. Is this for real?

I’m a firm believer in the Jewish calendar, which means we’re actually in year 5771, but you just have to wonder with all the weird things happening. Blizzards in places that don’t usually get snow, flooding to an extend never seen before, temperatures near freezing in South Florida. Not to mention birds falling out of the sky and fish washing up dead for no apparent reason.

How do these things make you feel? Do they make you wonder if the end is nigh? Is Armageddon around the corner? Is the Day of Judgment almost here? Or is just some freak of nature, something that happens based on some scientific equation that in 50 years time our great grandchildren will learn about in school – The Great Freeze of 2010/11?

Or do you see these things as proof that there is Divine intervention in our everyday lives? That despite all of man’s achievements, and how far humankind has come, that there is a Greater Power who governs us all.

I have always believed in G-d. Even in my days of being less observant I still believed in Him, I just didn’t believe that the way I’d been brought up to practice my religion was necessarily what He had intended for His people. However, it was not until I gave birth for the first time that I truly and wholly understood what it means to have G-d be a part of me and my everyday life. Experiencing childbirth without drugs meant that I felt not only every contraction, but also every movement between contractions. I had no control over what my baby was doing. That tiny little being was somehow able to find her way out of the womb into this world. When she emerged, red and screaming, a perfect new human, not only did it reaffirm my believe that there is G-d, but it was proof to me that He is directly involved in creation.

All the natural disasters around the world, the snowstorms, the flooding, the earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic erruptions – to me, they are all additional proof that as far as we have come, nature is still beyond us. Only G-d controls nature. He has given us the tools to work alongside it, to improve our existence, to make it comfortable, to help others. But every so often, when we get too cocky, with our technology and advanced weather warnings and preventative measures, He brings things to remind us who the Omnipresence is.

And this? Is probably as theological as my blog is every going to get!


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