Talking about formaldehyde…

I posted last week about the Brazilian keratin hair treatment that I was lucky enough to get done. It’s been a full week now, and my hair still looks great, by the way. Wash & go baby!

A number of people asked me “why formaldehyde free? who cares?!” and “what about all those beauty products you love that have formaldehyde in them?” And those same people were pretty impressed when I told them that I actually try really hard to only use products that do not contain formaldehyde. “Oh yeah, what about your nails? You always have polish on your nails….”

It is possible to find good, high quality nail polish that is formaldehyde-free. Not only formaldehyde-free, but also toluene, DBP (phthalates) and camphor free. In fact, my favorite brands are both free of formaldehyde, DBP and toluene.

OPI is probably one of the best known nail polish brands today. You cannot walk into a nail salon without seeing OPI on the walls – every color has more shades than I knew existed! Their limited edition collections are eclectic mixes of surprising colors. The names of the polishes make you laugh out loud. In addition to the vast range of colors, OPI has some of the best nail care products available. Their “Nail Envy” line has different nail hardeners for every type of nail you can imagine. I have to admit that of all the nail growth stimulants I have tried, “Nail Envy” is the only one that has made a noticeable difference to my brittle, weak nails.

The other brand is Zoya. I first heard of Zoya nail polish years ago, when they would advertise in the back of magazines. They offered 6 colors at a time, always free of dangerous chemicals, in pretty, seasonal colors. I never paid much attention, as I wasn’t really interested in purchasing 6 colors at a time from a brand I had never heard of, plus back then, I rarely painted my nails. Within the last couple of years Zoya polishes have started popping up at local beauty stores. Their range is no less amazing than OPI. The colors are stunning, their duo-chromes are beautiful, and they are safe. In addition, Zoya has a complete application and removal system to use along with their polishes called The Color Lock System. I admit that at first I was wary, simply because I’ve used so many base and top coats and drops, and in the end, my manicure never really lasts past the first lot of dishes that I wash. But, they had a special offer on some of the system, and I purchased the Anchor base coat, Armor top coat, Remove Plus polish remover and the Hurry Up drying drops. I’m not a beauty blogger, and I don’t have photos, but I will say that when I use the system in the way that Zoya recommends, my manicures last. I painted my nails last Friday morning. It is now lunchtime on Tuesday and they are just now chipping enough that I feel the need to remove the polish. Some nails show barely any wear, and the few that do, it’s really not noticeable at all.

So, I’ve finally found my holy grail of nail polish, and it’s still formaldehyde (and other bad stuff) – free!


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