Talk homeopathy to me

I just had my second positive experience with homeopathy in a short period of time. I was raised by a mother with a PhD. in pharmacology (or pharmacy, sorry Mum, can never remember which), who was always very critical of anything that was not conventional medicine. Since Mum’s battle with (and victory against) breast cancer, however, her attitude has changed just a little bit, and she does now put a little more value on the importance of some alternative ideas.

I, on the other hand, have always been interested in the non-conventional areas of healing. As a student in Israel I worked in a health food store, where the primary source of income was vitamins and natural supplements. The owner of the store was very adamant that his staff were knowledgeable about the products we were selling, and he really spent a long time teaching me about natural remedies, and various ways of taking care of ailments without resorting to conventional medicine. I still saw a doctor when I was truly sick, but there were many times that issues were resolved simply by a change in diet plus the addition of a vitamin or mineral supplement.

Homeopathy is one of those funny areas of alternative medicine. It seems that there are faithful and non-believers. There does not appear to be any middle ground. I’d say I’m the middle ground. When there’s an infection, antibiotics are indispensable. But as we all know, antibiotics have been so widely prescribed that we are now dealing with antibiotic resistant bacterias such as MRSA. How many people go to the doctor expecting to walk out with an Rx for an antibiotic only to be told that they have a virus and an antibiotic will not help? And then there are the doctors who prescribe the antibiotic anyway, just to make the patient happy.

A few months ago both my girls had colds. Over the last couple of years we have been told repeatedly not to give cold medicine to young kids. There have been multiple recalls, brands have rebranded, and are now not recommended for children under the age of 6. In any case, my experience with cold meds hasn’t been so great – they help in the short term, but when they wear off you feel worse. Not to mention the possibility of hyperactivity in children instead of the drowsiness promised on the bottle.

In the cold & allergy aisle I found a number of different “natural” cold and cough remedies. I picked up a Hylands Cough & Colds 4 kids syrup. It is labeled as homeopathic and safe for kids over the age of 2. I followed instructions and dosed up my girls and sent them to bed. They woke the next morning, having slept all night (for the first time in 2 nights) and seemed a little better. I gave them second doses, followed by a third later in the day. By that night they were both breathing through their noses, barely sneezing at all, and coughing had subsided too. They both went to school the next day. I now keep a full bottle of this in the medicine cabinet at all time, and have used it for every cold & cough my kids have had since. It is still producing great results.

This past weekend my son showed symptoms of the flu. Starting Sunday lunch time he was feverish, feeling achy, had chills. The flu has been making its rounds at school so I wasn’t that surprised. By Sunday night he had a very high fever. He spent most of Monday sleeping and when he got up at noon he was very, very hot. Acetaminophen wasn’t doing much for the fever. Later Monday I went shopping in the cold & allergy aisle of the store. I came across another homeopathic remedy for “flu-like symptoms”. Safe for use in everyone over the age of 2. This product, called Boiron Oscillococcinum, is more traditionally homeopathic in its delivery. A dose is one full vial of tiny sugar pills that you empty into your mouth. Son took the first dose at 6pm Monday and went to bed at 7pm, still with fever and feeling chills etc. He woke up at 6:30am Tuesday, feeling slightly warm, and I gave him a second dose. By 9am he had no fever and was feeling well enough to get dressed and do the homework that had been sent home from school. I followed up with a 3rd dose at lunchtime, but by then he was back to his normal happy self.

He went back to school the next day, having been fever  free without any medicine for 24 hours at that point. I’ve added this product to my medicine cabinet must-haves. I’m still skeptical, but it’s too good to not be at least some what true.

I’d love to hear others’ experiences with homeopathic remedies, so please post in the comments.


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  1. pookiesmom
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 12:50:50

    I swear by the Hylands stuff. We gave it to Nathan at night several months ago when he was having trouble with congestion and he went from waking up snotty several times a night to sleeping through.


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