JE Mineral Makeup – first impressions

I want to start with the Jordan Essentials mineral lipstick. I am not a lipstick person. I prefer a bit of lipgloss, and lipstains that last longer.

I might change my mind on that now. Jordan Essentials mineral lipstick is awesome! First, it moisturizes your lips. It goes on like a balm. It looks highly pigmented out of the tube, but it goes on a lot lighter. Gives plenty of color, but not too much that you want to blot it all away. Second, it lasts. I mean, I applied lipstick at 7:30am, drank a few cups of coffee, did a lot of chatting, ate breakfast, ate lunch, and it is still on my lips! No bleeding, no chapping, still soft and smooth, and still looking good without a second application. A+


Foundation: I’ve been using Bare Minerals foundation for a long time, and recently have had some problems with its staying power. I have also tried Everyday Minerals foundation in various finishes. I admit that when I saw the JE mineral foundation, I thought the color I had chosen for myself was too dark. I chose Light (#2) based on the photos of the models. It also looked a bit sparkly in the pot. So I was a little nervous when I went to apply it.

It is very finely milled, which is a plus in my book. I always prefer the minerals that are finer, as I find they go on more smoothly. I was very surprised when the foundation went on perfectly and blended into my skin like a dream. It went on a lot lighter than it looked in the jar. It was not at all sparkly, the finish was perfectly matte – exactly what I want in foundation. In addition, my makeup was applied yesterday morning at about 8am, without a primer, and it lasted all day, with no touch ups, until 11pm last night. All I used under the foundation was the tinted moisturizer, which I’ll get to now.

Tinted Moisturizer is not a product that I’ve used recently. Since switching to mineral makeup 8 years ago, I rely solely on mineral foundation, followed by mineral bronzer etc. But JE has mineral tinted moisturizer, so I had to give it a try. And I’m so pleased that I did.

I exfoliated & toned my face as is my usual morning routine, but instead of using the soy moisturizer, I used the tinted moisturizer, also in Light. Again, this looked too dark in the bottle, so I was a bit worried. Two little pumps into my hand, and I blended it carefully into my face. It was much lighter on my face so worked perfectly for my skin tone. It blended really easy, there were no darker patches, and it really evened out my skin in preparation for foundation.

I have not yet tried the eye colors or the blush, but I did use a darker shade of foundation as a bronzer, and a third as a blush, and was very happy with their performance. As I mentioned, my makeup lasted all day, despite not using a primer, and with no touch ups. The look was natural and finished.

I can now honestly say that I am thrilled to be an independent consultant for Jordan Essentials, that the products we sell are wonderful, and I know you won’t regret trying them!


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