For Israel

I’m not writing this blogpost because I’m a Jew. I’m not even writing it because I’m Israeli. I’m writing it simply because I’m a human being with a heart.

I realize that people of the world are concerned with many things. I understand that the earthquake in Japan was a horrific natural catastrophe, resulting in thousands of deaths, potential nuclear disaster and years of rebuilding etc. ahead. I am not blind to the fact that much of the Arab countries in the Middle East are in a state of revolt, for better or for worse, or to the fact that the “Allies” are currently involved in bombing Libya – although the results to which they are aspiring, I cannot be sure.

I woke this morning to a headline in our newspaper – front page – ISRAEL BOMBS GAZA. The corresponding article appeared on page 14, so if you were interested in seeing why Israel bombed Gaza, you had to be bothered to turn to the back of the newspaper. Then you would read how Southern Israel has been bombarded constantly by rockets from Gaza for the past few days (weeks really, but especially the last few days), and this was Israel’s delayed response.

A couple of hours later a bomb exploded in the center of Western Jerusalem. I specify Western, because I want to be clear that this attack happened in a part of the country that is not considered disputed territory. It is part of Jerusalem as defined within the 1948 borders. Not that I believe any terrorist attack is justified, whether in post 1948 Israel or post 1967 Israel. I don’t. I think all terrorists  deserve the death penalty, and I strongly feel that those territories considered “occupied” are 100% part of Israel.

CNN, Fox news etc. all gave coverage to the bomb in Israel. And yet, initially none of them came out and said it was a terrorist attack. I heard things such as “In what Israeli authorities say was a terrorist attack”, alluding to the possibility that it was something other than a terrorist attack.

At least this is getting coverage. Of course none of the reporters can manage to report solely on the Jerusalem attack. They all have to mention that Israel is bombarding Gaza from the air, and that Israeli killed a number of Palestinian civilians during this bombardment. They mention some rockets being fired from Gaza into Southern Israel, but almost as an aside. Like it is irrelevant.

A little under 2 weeks ago, 5 members of the Fogel family were murdered while sleeping in their beds in Itamar, Israel. This happened less than 24 hours after the devastating earthquake in Japan, and it got very little coverage in Western media. I would like to think that without the earthquake there may have been more coverage, but sadly I’m not convinced this is the case. Everything that was reported about this brutal, horrific murder, made sure to mention that Itamar is a “settlement” and that the Fogels were “settlers”, as if their murders mattered less.

The animals responsible for this attack broke into a home, on the Sabbath eve and stabbed to death 5 family members. Udi & Ruth Fogel, the parents, and 3 of their children, aged 11, 4 and 3 months. Yes, a 3 month old baby, sleeping next to her father.

The animals who carried out the attack were called “militants”  by some, “attackers” by others, but I don’t recall seeing the word “terrorist” or “savage” relating to them anywhere outside of the Israeli and Jewish press.

And the Fogels? They were Jewish settlers. Living on a settlement in “Occupied Territories” in Israel’s “West Bank”. Does that make this ok?

I have a human heart. And that heart bleeds for people who die unnecessarily. It bleeds for the people of Japan. It bleeds for the innocents around the world who are killed and hurt needlessly, whether by freak acts of nature, or at the hands of other people. But my heart bleeds most for my own people. I will never stop defending Israel. I will never give up hoping for a homeland for my people that is safe, and free from terrorism. I do not believe in “Land for Peace”  – it never was a realistic idea, and it hasn’t worked so far. What makes people think it still can?


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  1. Sharon
    Mar 23, 2011 @ 14:17:14

    am beginning to wonder what exactly is the world’s definition of “peace” is…surely it can’t be a different meaning to what you & I think, could it?? one person will set the world straight but unfortunately it seems more innocent blood must be spilled before he makes an appearance. too much hate in the world even in our daily lives between people we know. we need to show the world what we’re really made off it’s enough of abuse from the muslim world & from world media.


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