I believe

From Bon Jovi’s “Keep The Faith” album

All I know is what I’ve been sold
You can read my life like a fortune told
I’ve seen the dream, there’s no land of Oz
But I got my brain and I got a heart
And courage built I won’t let go
What we need right now is ….soul

I don’t need soul. I need more business so I can pay my kids’ tuition! I am working like crazy promoting my products, and doing as much as I can (with 3 kids at home) to get more business. One suggestion I heard when I first started was to contact other Direct Sellers in the area who sell products that don’t compete with mine, and do a party “swap”. I will be hosting a Scentsy party at my house this Monday night at 8pm – you are all welcome! And my Scentsy rep, Erica, will be hosting a Jordan Essentials party at her home in Parkland on the 21st.

It’s win-win – we both get to present our products to a brand new group of people, and hopefully we each get some new bookings for future parties. I love what I do. I really enjoy the spa shows and the facial/makeup shows that I do. I love demonstrating the products even more now that I’ve been using them for 6 months, and I can say with 100% certainty that they are some of the best skin care products that I’ve ever tried. And if you know me, you know that I’ve tried a lot!

A lot of work goes into planning one of my shows, but the more shows I do, the more confident I am, and the more fun I have. I recently did a facial show where the hostess served wine & cheese. The more wine the ladies drank, the more fun they had with face masks and serums. Everyone wanted to be a model. And we laughed a lot!

I invite all of you to try something new. The Jordan Essentials face kit costs only $75, and includes all the basics you need – cleanser (complete with a foaming pump to put it into), exfoliant, toner, moisturizer and a clay mask that works wonders. You pick your exfoliant (gentle for sensitive or dry skin, spa polish for oilier skin) and your moisturizer, and it all comes in a great travel tote that is large enough to also add your other cosmetic items. In addition to the basic face care kit, you can add a serum or 3. Normally $25 each, if you purchase the kit, you can add the serums for only $20 each – Time Rewind Eye cream (extremely popular with my customers), Skin Firming Serum and Age Defying Serum. Even if you purchase everything, and throw in an anti aging mask for $10, you’re spending under $150. Considering the price of a cleanser and moisturizer can add up to close to that number in department stores, isn’t it time to consider a change?

I’m going to be 37 in 2 weeks. I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Dublin, for the first time in 19 years. Getting older doesn’t scare me, but I am making a conscious effort to keep my skin from aging along with my body. I never really used anti-aging products before, but now that I’m selling them, I feel the need to try them first. They work! I no longer have deep wrinkles around my eyes. The “Time Rewind Eye Cream“, used morning and night, seems to be taking care of those. I’m using an age defying serum at bedtime, which promises to erase wrinkles on my forehead and neck, and I admit that it seems to be making a difference. And during the day I use the skin firming serum, which seems to work like a mini face-lift.

I believe – I believe that everyone’s skin deserves to be nourished, and I believe that I have the products to do that, without breaking the bank!

Have a great Shabbat and a wonderful weekend!


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