Does your organization need to make money?

School is about to begin, summer is almost over!

Before we know it, the Jewish holidays will be here, followed shortly thereafter by the “Holiday Season”.

Most schools, synagogues, churches and other non-profit organizations are constantly looking for new, innovative ways to raise extra money.

The last quarter of the year is the perfect time for selling small, unique items that make great gifts. If that small, unique item is also making money for a special organization, how much better that gift becomes!

Jordan Essentials has a wonderful fundraising program through which your organization has the potential to raise thousands of dollars. The organization doesn’t have to lay out any money up front, and they will not be left with extra merchandise, as they will only receive what is ordered! Another great thing about the Jordan Essentials fundraising scheme, is that it allows me, the consultant, to give back to my community, by giving from my own profits to the organization.

If you have only 10 people selling, and they each sell 20 of our Lotion Bars, you can make $1200.

With 100 people selling 20 Lotion Bars each, you can make $12,000!

If those 100 people sell 50 Lotion Bars each, your organization can make up to $30,000!

Jordan Essentials Lotion Bars are a unique moisturizing lotion, packed into a solid bar, in a self contained tin. The Lotion Bars are available in 15 fragrances (and unscented). In addition, your organization may choose to customize one scent with their own logo on the tin.

Lotion Bars make great gifts – for holidays, for teachers, for caregivers – everyone can use them. They last for at least 6 months with frequent use, longer if you use them less. And they are TSA friendly – you can take them on the plane with you, because they are solid!

So what’s stopping you? Be on the cutting edge – be the first organization in your area to sell Jordan Essentials Lotion Bars and make a fortune for your cause. It will be the easiest fundraiser you ever did! Contact me for more information and I will get you a fundraising packet ASAP.


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