Home Sweet Home

I arrived back from Dublin at around 8:30pm last night. My wonderful husband met me at PBI. He is wonderful, not only because he has just been full time Dad for the past week, but because I came home to a house that was clean, tidy and emptied of a lot of junk. The kids spent some time deciding which toys they no longer play with, and were able to donate some of them to one of the classrooms at school. I also came home to Shabbat mostly prepared! That I was not expecting. I figured I would pick up some ready made food this morning that we could eat tonight and tomorrow, but no, my amazing hubby made chicken soup and kugel, has meat marinating for me to grill for dinner tonight, and I just put a chicken in the oven that he had bought too.

Keith, I can’t thank you enough for making my homecoming easy. I’m totally exhausted, somewhat jet lagged, and looking forward to sleeping over Shabbat.

If my parents actually read my blog, I’d thank them for a lovely week in Dublin – it was really special to spend time alone with them, for the first time since 1976 (and no, I’m not exaggerating, that’s what happens when you’re the eldest of 4, and you leave home at 17!). And I’m thrilled that after almost 70 years of living in Dublin, and a lifetime of having the family dental business right around the corner, that Dad finally got to Guinness – and that he skipped the museum and went straight to the bar. Not bad for a teetotaler…

Shabbat Shalom from me, safe and sound, back in sunny, warm Boca.


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