Essentially Fall

It may not seem like Fall here in South Florida, but elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere temperatures are on a downward spiral and evenings are getting chilly.

For me, Fall has brought new products to my Jordan Essentials line, that I am really excited about.

Let’s start with the Face Care Collection.

I love the face care kit, and I am thrilled that the products are now all available in “unscented”. Now our customers who are more sensitive can use this amazing system, without worrying about reacting to fragrance. The basic Face Care Kit is a wonderful value at $75. As always, you can choose your exfoliant and moisturizer. I recommend the Spa Polish for oilier skin and the Gentle Exfoliant for drier skin. My favorite moisturizer is the Deep Daily, which I use at night. In the mornings I use the new Acne Moisturizer – see below!

Jordan Essentials has added an Acne Treatment System, which costs $30. The kit consists of the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap, Acne Moisturizer (containing willow bark) and Spot Treatment Gel (containing salicylic acid). The kit also contains a face brush. When used together, these products help clear up existing blemishes and prevent further breakouts. As someone who has suffered from troubled skin for most of my adult life, I can attest to Jordan Essentials products really making a difference to my skin. These new products, specifically targeting breakouts, have added punch to the existing face care line.  They can also be purchased individually.

We have also introduced an oil-free, fragrance-free eye make up remover. Although our Gentle Cleanser  does remove eye makeup, this makes it really quick – simply put a drop on a cotton ball and swipe if over your lids.

Our incredibly popular “Time Rewind” has been reformulated and now contains Co-enzyme Q10, improving the wrinkle erasing performance of this already amazing eye cream. Considered one of our “serums”, Time Rewind is available alone for $30, or if you purchase it when purchasing the Face Care Kit, you can buy it for only $20. The size of the jar is enormous, and will last for months, even when used twice daily. You just can’t beat the price of this eye cream – recently I was accosted at a mall by someone trying to sell me an eye cream for $200! And that was their “special price” – for a jar 1/4 of the size… and ours really works!

The final addition to our face products for now, is the new Caffeine Eye Roller. The amazing product reduces puffiness and helps diminish the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Packaged in a convenient tube with a roller, you feel the cooling effects as soon as it touches your skin. You can use this in the morning, and repeat during the day. The lovely thing I’ve discovered, is that even if you are wearing makeup, the cool gel will not smudge it. Your eyes will immediately look and feel better!

I’ll discuss more of our new products in another blog post. But for now, if you want to enjoy our new catalog, please check out my webstore:

If you have any questions about our products, about hosting a spa, facial or makeup party, or about becoming a Jordan Essentials Consultant, please contact me.


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