$10K… all we need is your email address

Hillel Day School has submitted to Albertsons a grant request for a KidSafe Bully Reduction Program.  Do you know someone who has been bullied? Perhaps you were bullied as a child. I want to do everything in my power to help HDS get this grant, so that my children will benefit from this amazing program.

We are SO close to getting this grant. Since Monday, HDS has gone from being in 15th place, to 6th! We need to be in the top 6 to win.

We need your help. All you need to do, is send your email address(es) to Dvora Scher dvora@dwpalaw.com. Your address will be registered with the grant site.

Once your email is registered, you will receive a verification email. All you need to do is to click on the link in that email from Albertsons.  At that point, HDS takes over. YOU DO NOTHING ELSE.

HDS has volunteers to place your votes for you.YOU WILL NOT GET SPAM OR OTHER EMAILS FROM ALBERTSONS – I can attest to this, I have all my email addresses registered, and have received nothing from them at all beyond that verification email.

We need TONS of verified email addresses to WIN.   Please email Dvora Scher at dvora@dwpalaw.com with any and all email addresses that you and your family have, so we can make this wonderful grant for our school happen.

Thank you, G’mar Chatima Tova, may you have an easy fast and a year full of good things.


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