It’s that jingle bells time of year

I avoid the mall and as many stores as I can between Thanksgiving and the first week in January. I have no interest in battling the crowds of crazed shoppers trying to fill stockings and jelly donuts. If there’s something I need during that period of time that I can’t get at the grocery store, I purchase it online or go without.

Limited Edition Peppermint Lotion Bar $7.50 #11054

Something to keep in mind this year during the gift giving season: When you spend $100 at a big box store, it means nothing to them. The money is just another $100. When you shop a home business or direct sales business, you are helping that business owner continue doing what s/he loves to do. You are putting food directly on that family’s table. Without my customers, I wouldn’t have my business. I cherish each and every one of my customers. I strive to give each of you a personal service.
This holiday season, I invite you to purchase at least some of your gifts from Jordan Essentials.

Purse Sized Lotions in multiple fragrances $6 #162

We have a wide range of products suitable for all age groups. Whether you need Secret Santa gifts under $10 or a basket for someone very special, we can help you out this holiday season.

By purchasing Jordan Essentials products you are buying Made in the USA products, and you are also helping me grow my business. Give the gift of safe skincare to someone that you care about. Talk to me about free gift wrap service if you live locally.

Anyone who would like to purchase over $150 in Jordan Essentials products, I am happy to discuss a shipping discount, just email or call me.

Pail full of Good Clean Fun $55 #25026

Happy Feet Gift Set $30 #68002


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