plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

[Edited b/c apparently the 8th grade tuition amount was a typo. 8th grade tuition is the same as 6th & 7th. I’m gonna leave my comment about the Israel trip]

It’s re-enrollment time at HDS. You got the email, (as long as you are up to date with payments for this year). If not, expect an official looking letter coming your way. I wonder if it will be sent registered mail?

Tuition will increase by 3% for the coming school year.

If you have 3 children in 1-5, you will be paying a grand total of: $46,470!

If you have a child in grades 6 & 7 you pay: $17,545 per child.

Apparently 8th graders are expected to learn slightly less, as tuition is only $17,455 for 8th grade. Or maybe that is due to the additional fee you will be asked to pay so your 8th grader can go to Israel?

And if your child needs the ETGAR special needs program, be prepared to pay a whopping $32,255

Let’s take an average Orthodox family, with say, 4 kids in 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th & 7th. That’s $65,000 for school next year.

Sixty-Five Thousand Dollars.

Thankfully, the OU has now admitted that there is a tuition crisis in our Day Schools. We can rest assured that people smarter than us are already working on a way to guarantee that all Jewish neshamot have access to a superior Jewish education.

What are people paying for? A private education, or Jewish education in a private school? Does a good Jewish education necessarily need to come from a Private Jewish Day School? Is it not our obligation as parents, to educate our children in Judaism, and not to rely on a school? Obviously, there cannot be a Jewish Public school in the United States, unlike across much of Europe. However, there must be a way to ensure that our Jewish children will get a fantastic Jewish education, without having to forgo university, and without families going without food.

Does the answer lie right in front of our eyes, as all the best answers usually do?


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