Affordable, Effective, Made in the USA

Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m not lying low or anything silly like that, but I’ve  been busy with life – work, kids, dog (yes, we got a dog!).


Jordan Essentials new Spring catalog came out on February 18th. As with each new product launch, I was excited to see and try the new products and to sniff the new fragrance (Lemongrass Citrus, extracted from pure, essential oils!). What I was not prepared for, was the results that I would see from using one of the new products.

Truth be told, I was a little upset when it was announced that the skin firming serum was being replaced by something new. I loved the skin firming serum, an aloe based product, which left my skin looking tight, soft and bright.

Then I began to use the new, multi-peptide serum. I was told to expect results within a week to 10 days. I admit to being skeptical.

I was pleasantly surprised.

First, the packaging. With the new catalog, all the face care products got a face-lift. The labels have been changed a little bit, and the serums (age-defying, time rewind eye & multi-peptide) all come in airless pumps. This is wonderful, as you will never again have to use Q-tips to pull the last little bit of product out of the bottom of the vial.

Second, consistency. I always felt that the skin firming serum was more like a gel than a serum. The new serum is very serum-y. It is extremely lighweight, yet one pump is enough for the entire face and neck.

Third, results. After about 6 days I began to notice results, just as promised! The main issue I currently have with my skin is uneven skintone. This is from a mix of acne scarring, sun damage and a little aging. After just one week of using the multi-peptide serum (and only once daily, at night, rather than the recommended twice) I noticed that my skintone looked a lot more even. The sun spots are fading, and the acne scarring doesn’t look as pronounced.

Last week, I treated myself to a facial for the first time in over a year, with the lovely Mirta Brown. Shortly before I began with Jordan Essentials, I had a facial with Mirta. My skin was bad. Breakouts, oiliness, blackheads, plus signs of aging and sun damage. Cut to last week. Mirta couldn’t believe the difference in my skin in just a year. I had almost no blackheads – and those that were there were visible only with a 3x magnifying lamp. The texture of my skin had improved greatly. To me, this was the best testimony I could get. I knew my skin was better for using JE, but to hear it from a professional told me that I wasn’t imagining it!

The Jordan Essentials Skincare Line is safe (paraben, SLS, mineral oil and DEA free), affordable (individual prices begin at only $5.50!) and made in the USA.

For a free mini-facial and skincare consultation, I invite you to contact me. I will gladly help you put together a skincare regimen to benefit your body and your wallet.

Shabbat Shalom!


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