And the downside is…

You put your kids back in school and on day 1 of week 2, someone has to stay home sick.

My kids are really healthy in general, but once in a while there are things beyond our control. Number 3 woke up yesterday with a bright red rash on her face. Classic test case of fifth disease, or “slapped cheek” disease. According to my medical research (i.e the interwebz), once the rash has appeared, it’s no longer contagious. But this morning the rash had spread beyond her face, to her torso, and I could not send her to school without a doctor’s note, or I imagine I’d have received a call within minutes of her arriving to pick her up.
So, she stayed home, we visited our favorite pediatrician, who concurred with Doctor Mom, and gave us a note so she can return to school tomorrow.

So here we are. Luckily she’s cute and fun to hang out with, but she does not stop talking at all!!!


Look at those red cheeks – classic “slapped cheeks” disease. Perfectly happy otherwise, just covered in a rash, poor child!


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