It’s like living on Mars (I’m an Alien, Part III)

Following onto my two posts earlier this week, where I reminded all Olim that we are the immigrants, that we have to adapt, adjust, try to learn Hebrew, take it all with a grain of salt, I had a day.

I had a full day of “dealing” with Israel and Israelis. In Hebrew. Just end of school year events and parties, and lots of back and forth trying to get answers, and understand cultural requirements. It was taxing. So, I responded to a message in English, out of pure frustration and exhaustion, in a Whatsapp group (Gosh I hate Whatsapp at this point!) and I got yelled at! Like, if you could write Hebrew in capitals, this would have been screaming at me, in Hebrew, why are you writing in English, you’re in Israel now, you need to use Hebrew. Mind you, I wasn’t the only person in the group who had send a message in English, I guess I just chose the wrong moment to do so. So what did I do? Did I lose it, and scream back in English? Or in Hebrew? Nope. I refused to allow myself to be intimidated. So instead I apologized profusely. In Hebrew. Said that I was tired, and it was difficult to translate what I was trying to say properly, and then to type it all out in Hebrew. If she didn’t understand what I wrote (see where I’m going here) I was happy to try and put it into Hebrew. Of course she responded it was fine, she understood, no need to apologize, yadda yadda yadda.

Earlier this week I had a definitive “I’m so Israeli now” moment while in the mall. At a bath & body store (Laline, love their stuff), a lady was picking up hand cream that her daughter in the US had asked her to get. She was debating getting for herself also. I offered her completely unsolicited advice, and recommended she purchase for herself also, because it’s such a good quality cream, and told her that her daughter has great taste because she likes the same fragrance that I do. By the time she checked out, thanks to my unsolicited advice, she purchased, 2 handcreams, 2 body scrubs, a body mist and a shower gel. I should have asked for commission…

Living in Israel is so unlike living anywhere else on Earth… And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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