What’s it really like?

Perhaps the question people ask most often is “what’s it really like, living in Israel, when all these attacks are going on?” And you can’t really explain it, because how can you explain it, without sounding either freaking out crazy (OMG,  you cannot imagine how scary it is to leave the house, when any second someone might stab you!!!) or nonchalant (Well, it’s terrible what’s happening, but we can’t let it get in the way of living our lives).

Watch the video. All of it. And then tell me what you think it’s like, to live here, right now.

In the video we saw an attack from today.A security guard (note, not a soldier, or a policeman, just a civilian security guard) was stabbed by a Muslim woman. He managed to shoot her after he was stabbed. In general, I don’t watch the graphic videos from terror attacks. I don’t need those images imprinted on my brain. But this footage was different. It so perfectly captures the insanity of these latest attacks on Jews in Israel. Why? Because you see just how calm this woman was, as she walked along the street, like she was going about her business, right before she attacked a man with a knife. The security guard asks her for her ID, which she hands over to him. While he is checking her ID, she reaches into her purse, and pulls out a knife and simply goes at him. This was clearly a carefully calculated attack. You would imagine that a woman about to attempt to murder a man would have difficulty walking at a steady pace. That she may hesitate briefly before carrying out her mission. And yet, she simply appears to be behaving “normally” right up until that moment, and then she just attacks.

How can we possibly not be suspicious of every Muslim we see in the street, after watching footage like this? Regardless of where you stand politically, how can anyone say “It’s not all Muslims/Arabs/Palestinians”? There is no way of knowing. This is what it’s really like.

I am in the camp that firmly believes we cannot let the crazies make us change how we are living our lives. I do what I have to do, I try not to limit my children’s freedom too much. But we are all more aware, we are more jumpy, we are more careful and perhaps a little less carefree.


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