Highway to Hell

Not an AC/DC fan really, but no other song title quite matched this week’s experience with our beloved </sarcasm> car.

There was no sand involved this time, just a bad transmission and a man who didn’t listen to his wife. The kids are witnesses to that.

Our car was not new when we bought it and we have had a few problems with it. We knew that the transmission would need to be replaced, but we were told it wasn’t critical to replace it immediately, so we waited. Yesterday while out with my newly 14 year old I heard some new noises (the “old” noises we already got used to…) and I mentioned it to my husband.

We had plans to meet my aunt and uncle in Herzliya for dinner at the marina (Bistro 56, delicious, yummy food, definitely recommend it). We left Rehovot around 5pm and before we even got on the highway the noises began to get louder, and the car wasn’t shifting gears properly. I suggested to my husband that we pull over and turn around to go home, call the restaurant and leave a message for my aunt and uncle that we couldn’t make it. But he continued on, and accused me of being pessimistic when I said I didn’t want to end up stranded on the Ayalon on the way home later, in the dark, with the kids in the back. I insisted I was being realistic – I had no idea that I was actually being a prophetess.

Sure enough, on the way back from dinner, just before HaHalacha exit, on the Ayalon Southbound, the car began to slow – it’s very scary doing 35km/hour on a road where most cars are doing a minimum of 90. We managed to get over to the shoulder and stopped. Called the tow company – thankfully this kind of towing is covered by insurance, as opposed to getting towed for being stuck in a field due to following Waze. They said they could send someone out to tow the  car to the mechanic in Rehovot, but they only have room for one person in the tow truck, the other 4 of us are on our own. I asked the woman on the telephone if she had any idea how the kids and I could safely get off the Ayalon, and the answer was “I’m not a rescue company, people just figure this out on their own” Ok, thank you very  much.

Keith called four Tel Aviv cab companies, none of whom were willing to send a cab to get us. So meanwhile I used Whatsapp to contact our friends. We have a couple of group chats, so I sent a message to one saying  “Guys, in the never ending story of this f*%#ing car we are currently stuck on the shoulder of the Ayalon Darom just before Halacha. waiting for shagrir (tow company) and can’t get a cab to get us. Help. Shagrir can only take one person and we are all of us. What the F do we do??????”

10 seconds later two friends responded that they could come get us. Within 10 minutes one was on his way – thanks to Waze we could send him our exact location. Within 40 minutes he pulled into the shoulder in front of us and we got the kids and me safely into his car. At that point more of our friends saw the message and started texting to make sure we were good, and to see if we still needed help. The tow truck was only a few minutes behind, but Keith, alone in the car, put his time to good use and broadcast live on Facebook… (whatever keeps you happy man). Keith managed to convince the tow truck guy to give him a ride all the way to Rehovot (the woman on the phone said they would only drop off at the nearest public transportation place and you were on your own from there! WTF?!), and another friend picked him up from the mechanic’s place and dropped him home.

Meantime, I got home with the kids, put two of them to bed and then took the dog out. Got back from walking the dog to find the newly 14 year old making school lunches for all the kids. Which almost made me cry, because she’s a teenager, and she’s grumpy and scary a lot of the time, and yet she totally figured out what she needed to do! To the kids’ credit they were amazing the whole time, not freaking out at all (although that might have changed if their devices ran out of battery…)

Now we wait to hear how long it will take for the car to be fixed (hopefully we will have it back by the end of the week….)

But once again I am just blown away by this wonderful, amazing community that we live in. This is the definition of making friends your family. No hesitation, no thinking “oh that’s terrible, sucks to be you guys”, just “send me your location on Waze and I’ll get there as soon as I can”. Thanks JW for rescuing me and the kids – and you are my witness that all 3 of them said explicitly “This is so Daddy’s fault, he should have listened to Mummy”

Thanks SP for offering to come get us, AS for picking Keith up from the mechanic, to EW for dropping him back off there this morning, and to all our other fantastic friends who made sure we were all safe and sound.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Jun 08, 2016 @ 13:25:22

    Beginning to think you should travel by public transport!, love Auntie sheila


  2. Sheila Collins
    Jun 08, 2016 @ 13:27:15

    This comment might have gone already but in case it has not….beginning to think you should all travel by public transport! Love Auntie Sheila


  3. kbmsg
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 11:02:41

    I told you you would jinx it and curse us by saying it.


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