2 years on: Through the eyes of the Teen

A year ago I asked my daughter  to guest blog about her first year in Israel. This year, I asked my son, who is going into middle/high school this year, but he declined. So I asked the 14 year old if she was willing to do it again and she said “of course Mom, anything you say, Mom”. Well, not exactly, but she did agree to write, and without any bribery, so we’re in a good place.

Personally, I cannot believe that our second “aliyaversary” is already here. It’s been a fantastic couple of years, and if life continues to improve each year as it has the last two years, we will always be very happy here. And now I hand you over to Noffiya.

<<Hi Mom’s stalkers, it’s me again but now it’s been two years in this country! Throughout this year I’ve been mentioned quite a lot (I’m guessing, I don’t really want to read this boring blog, I don’t know why you guys do) but now I’m going to write again!

In this past year, many new changes have occurred to me. My group of friends is now mostly Israelis and I speak Hebrew 90% of the day. My English is slowly getting worse, but my Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish (Arabic I learn in school, Spanish at home for fun) are getting better. Shopping in Israel is still fun especially when I go to malls in different cities with my friends. A few weeks ago my friends and I took the train to Ashdod and spent the day at a mall there. Yesterday, I went with some other friends to the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Yavne and we got ice cream. In the beginning of the summer, me and my friends from school decided to go on vacation without our families, and so we went to Netanya for a couple of days. Can you imagine going alone to a different city, an hour away, with 7 friends, in America?! Recently, I went on the summer camp with Tzofim (scouts but I hate calling it that) which is 5 days in a forest in the middle of nowhere with no tents, no air conditioning, no showers, bathrooms, outlets, etc. etc. Why did I do it? Honestly, I have no idea how I let my friends convince me to go on this trip although I hate to admit it, I had fun and am looking forward to going next year even though it will be 10 days! My mom asked if I wanted to write “I guess I’m becoming Israeli after all” but that’s not true.

The past school year as a whole was a lot easier for me because of the language. I understood 85% of what the teacher was saying during the classes. Most people tell me that I sound like an Israeli and you wouldn’t know that I had made Aliyah 2 years ago. But that’s a lie. I know that my Hebrew isn’t as good as they say it is. Although the fact that there’s no new Olim (new immigrants) in Rehovot and at my school who are my age really bothers me.

I’ve made plans with a friend to go to London in two summers and we’re serious about that. We really want to go out of Israel (neither of us have left since making Aliyah) and we think that if we can save enough our parents will finally let us. On the subject of leaving Israel, last year I said I wasn’t sure… this year I’m quite sure that I’m going to stay.>>


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  1. Anonymous
    Aug 12, 2016 @ 15:29:44

    Nice job Nofiyah. If you visit London, you will love it. Of course my Dad lives there now so that really makes a trip for me fantastic!


  2. Anonymous
    Aug 12, 2016 @ 15:32:02

    Last comment was by Rebekah Israel (Boca Raton)


  3. Howard Gross
    Aug 12, 2016 @ 18:14:30

    Well done Noffiya Grandpa

    Sent from my iPhone



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